Plants Disclaimer
  • Please note that photos and images shown on our website are for illustrative purposes.  The colour tones, shape, size and form will vary with every pot of plant. Every pot of plant has its own unique look and they will never have exactly the same look.
  • Actual colour, size and look may vary due to the different image resolution used on screen display.
  • Product specifications and prices are subject to change from time to time, and can be different each batch.
  • The size of the plant varies with every pot. Customers will not be getting the exact same plant (in terms of colours, form, and size) showed in the photos.  All descriptions, sizes and colours stated will only be an approximation.
  • As  the living plants, blemishes are normal and will occur in every plant – yellow leaf, dried leaf, tears, holes, browning, withering flowers, and other flaws will be part of the plant. No plant is 100% perfect.
  • Feel free to contact us when you face any difficulties caring for the plants, we would be able to offer some guidance on their care.
  • Finding insects in the plants are also a normal occurrence. We will do our best to remove them and treat our plants with insecticide sprays. In the event that you find insects in your plants after bringing them home, remove them and then treat the plants with some insecticide sprays (e.g.  using organic neem oil solution, or a homemade solution). It is helpful to have these sprays as this is part of the process of owning plants. There will be no refund or exchange for such cases.
  • We will not be responsible for the care and health of the plants after delivery. There are many variable factors that cause a plant to wither and die. We will not be responsible for the plant’s condition or state  once they are in your care. We will only offer plant care tips and guidance (if customers enquires it ). No refunds or exchanges for plants will be provided. 
  • We make every effort to keep our plant inventory list as up to date as possible, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our inventory list at all times. The inventory list is subject to change without notice. If you are visiting our nursery to purchase a specific plant we strongly recommend contacting us prior to your visit so we can confirm availability and make sure you don’t go home disappointed.
  • The Actually delivery of good are subject to availability and condition of our livestocks,  A full refund or a delayed replacement will be given if these events occurs.
  • The Company reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue temporarily or permanently, some or all of the mentioned, with respect to any or all customers, at any time without notice.


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